Geek or Nerd?

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Mon Sep 18 10:04:01 MDT 2006

On 9/18/06, Jacob Fugal <lukfugl at> wrote:
> On 9/17/06, Kenneth Burgener <kenneth at> wrote:
> > For those who wear the badge with pride, do you call yourself a Geek, a
> > Nerd, a Hacker, or some other term?
> Geek.
> Incidentally, looking at the comic on the wikipedia page, *if* I split
> nerd vs. geek along the same axis (obsession vs. pragmatism) I'd
> reverse Girl's judgement and put nerd on the obsessive side. The axis
> I usually use to judge geek vs. nerd, however, is degree of social
> ineptitude. By definition (from the Jargon file) geeks aren't the best
> socialites, but that's often by choice (even if a subconcious one).
> Geeks just prioritize social standing below accomplishment, etc. Nerds
> on the other hand (in my definition) are those that don't understand
> their lack of social skills, and can even get on the nerves of geeks
> at times. :)
> Remember, though, these are the definitions *I* use -- if you call
> yourself nerd, don't worry that I'm going to think less of you,
> because your definition of nerd may match my definition of geek. You
> only have to worry about my opinion of you if *I* call you a nerd. And
> then again, if you're a geek or nerd, you probably don't care about my
> opinion of you, and with good reason. :)
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The best definition of Geek vs Nerd is this:

Geek's are Nerd's with somewhat better social skills.



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