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Scott Paul Robertson spr at
Sat Sep 16 21:42:54 MDT 2006

Everyone (apologies for the plug people who may not care about some of

We've got a cool week coming up:

Thursday, 21st            - 7:30pm   - 340 CTB: Dr. Phil Windley
Saturday, 23rd            - 10am-3pm - CTB Lounge: Installfest
Weds (20th), Thurs (23rd) - 10am-4pm - Wilk Booth
Friday, 24th              - 11am-3pm - Talmage Booth

So we've got a normal meeting, and this semester's installfest. Details
on the meeting will be coming through Monday.

We need help for the installfest in 2 ways:

1. Installers - People to help those who come. Email me
(spr at if you'll be able to help.

2. Manning the booth - If you've got the time we need people to sit at
the booth and help evangelize Linux and the club. More information on
signing up coming soon.

It should be a fun week for the UUG!

(CTB: Crabtree building)

Scott Paul Robertson
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