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   Shane Hathaway wrote:

     Are there any other Tremulous players in the group?
     If you're not playing Tremulous, don't start.  Way too addicting.
     But if you are, what's your nick and favorite server?  I usually go
     by bluegrass and play on SST.  SST appears to have some mods that
     make it a lot more fun, like tyrants kicking dretches and warnings
     when you accidentally kill a teammate.
     (BTW, I think this is on-topic, since Tremulous is GPL and
     reportedly runs better on Linux than it does on Windows.)
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   Nice game.  On my dual boot my Windows partition is called "games"
   since that is Windows XPs only use on my computer.  This game actually
   performs better than any of my Windows based games.  If more stuff
   like this comes out I may have to delete the Windows partition.


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