Imaging solution for linux, solaris, hpux, aix

Kenneth Burgener kenneth at
Thu Sep 14 23:02:39 MDT 2006

Lee Higginson wrote:
> Hey pluggers,
> I've been tasked with finding a good imaging solution to work with linux,
> hpux, solaris, AIX.  I've done some looking and not found anything yet that
> will be one solution for all platforms.  Does anyone know of an imaging
> solution that would support all these?  We're trying to find something that
> can capture deltas so it would not be based on the dd command.  Does that
> exist??
> Thanks,
> Lee

Are you looking to image an entire disk?  You may want to look at g4u.

g4u - Harddisk Image Cloning for PCs

g4u will image just about any OS or data disk, as it does the imaging on
a fairly low level.  g4u does use gzip compression, but the images are
still fairly large.


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