Shared Calendar/Todos?

Steve Meyers steve-plug at
Thu Sep 14 21:55:54 MDT 2006

Kimball Larsen wrote:
> We have 2 employees who use macs, several who use windows.  They all 
> need to share calendars/todos, and we need to allow one employee (the 
> office manager) to set up appts/etc for everyone else.
> We are looking for something that will allow the folks with laptops to 
> see their schedule even though they are not connected to the internet 
> (ie, no web-only solutions will work), but allow it to get updates to 
> their calendars whenever they do connect.

Thunderbird + Calendar Extension + SyncKolab

Make sure you use the calendar extension (not lightning), with synckolab 
0.4.19.  I couldn't get lightning to work at all last time I tried. 
When you set it up, use the newer XML format for storing the 
calendars/todos.  There's a bug in the old format.

It also does syncs contacts, which is what I actually use it for.  It 
works great, although it's not the speediest extension I've used.  It 
requires an IMAP server to store the items on.

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