Shane Hathaway shane at
Thu Sep 14 21:43:20 MDT 2006

Steve wrote:
> Whats Tremulous?

It's a derivative of the Quake 3 source.  It's a networked first-person 
shooter, but the gameplay also includes a lot of team strategy.  Players 
are divided into two teams, humans vs. aliens.  Humans buy various 
weapons and shoot aliens, while aliens have no weapons but instead bite 
and "evolve" to tackle, shock, or poison humans.  Both humans and aliens 
also build bases made of various structures for their team.  Games 
usually last 15 minutes to an hour and each team has anywhere from 3 to 
30 players.

There is a spectator mode that allows you to either wander through a 
level yourself or follow the movements of a particular player.  It's 
wise to spectate for a while before playing.  I'm most amazed by the 
players who can lock on to small aliens zipping around the room and 
dodge them while zapping them with a mass driver, hitting on the first shot.


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