Common Linux Programs

Robert Lawrence robertlawrence1281 at
Tue Sep 12 11:01:36 MDT 2006

I'm putting together two handouts/cheatsheets for a UVLUG presentation
and I wanted to get some input from other linux users from around here
as my knowledge is limited to my experience which is nowhere near as
much as some on this list.

The first handout I'm putting together is a commonly use program
reference.  I'm sure we have all asked the question of "I know what
program to use in some other closed source OS, what is the equivalent
in linux?"  Just trying to get something together that would be good
for us all (especially newbies, so gui apps would be preferred where
applicable) who may not be familiar with the terms some of the others
of us are.

The second is a command line reference with the same sort of feeling
of being newbie friendly.   I still have to add descriptions and maybe
add commonly used options since man pages can be intimidating to those
not familiar with them.

I'm sure I'm missing some packages/projects that are commonly used by
others on the list.   Speak up as I'm sure we all have opinions on the
best program to do a given task.

Robert Lawrence

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