Sympa vs Mailman

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On 9/11/06, Adam Fisher <FISHERAD at> wrote:
> What are your opinions?  Just curious....
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I've recently tried to deploy both.  Admittedly, I am still somewhat a
newbie, but my viewpoint is that mailman is still the defacto for most
implementations.  However, here at Guru Labs, we are deploying Sympa for a
couple good reasons.

One benefit of Sympa over Mailman is that you have one login and you can
join as many lists this way, this is one big benefit over mailman.   I will
admit that this is hearsay, but the person who told me this is very reliable
when  he states something.  Another reason is that we provide a unified
login for some of our service via the Sympa database using mod_auth_sympa.
Sympa allows many databases easily as well, and I only know of MySQL for

However, as far as Mailman goes, there is a stable RPM package (which I used
to get it working) available, where Sympa has a few, but they are out of
date (AFAIK).  It was quite easy to get Mailman working and installed, doing
things like virtual domains was challenging, however.  I understand there
are a couple good packages for Debian and Ubuntu already, so I am guessing
it's only a matter of time before this debate will get stronger.



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