Wireless at UVSC

Adam Fisher FISHERAD at uvsc.edu
Mon Sep 11 14:51:52 MDT 2006

The Cisco Clean Access Agent is hardly an unknown "weirdo"software


It simply requires students to have Windows or Mac updates and a virus
protection software which we provide if you do not have one.  We went to
this because the RIAA was freakin out about all the peer-to-peer stuff
happening and instead of them making us chase down users we just were
able to block the whole lot of it.  


>>> "Justin Findlay" <justin at jfindlay.us> 9/11/2006 2:27 PM >>>
On AD 2006 September 11 Monday 11:50:14 AM -0600, Jacob Albretsen
> Okay, then I was told wrong.  I talked to someone in BA006 a few
weeks ago and 
> he said I would have to install Clean Access, even with Linux. 
(Maybe he 
> didn't know what Linux is?)

Maybe this is evidence of how far from 'reality' I've strayed, but
having to install some weirdo package just to get internet access
invasive and indicative of something seriously broken somewhere.  No
am I installing some closed, unknown software on my machine.  I'll get
my access somewhere else. (:


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