Laying down the glove to the ricers

Steve smorrey at
Mon Sep 11 13:43:29 MDT 2006

Just so you guys know, I settled on Xubuntu for this, since it has all
the bare minimums I need and it supports my HW well.
It's working like a Dream, has a footprint of < 64MBs with all the
unneeded junk not running :)  Only had a footprint of 96MBs stock, and
the vmware-player is in the repo set I'm using.  So it ended up being
the perfect choice.
Thanx everyone!

On 9/11/06, Barry Roberts <blr at> wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 11, 2006 at 10:39:09AM -0600, Steve Dibb wrote:
> >
> > To each his own, of course.  However with Debian I assume it doesnt ask
> > you which system logger you want to choose I could be completely wrong,
> > and I'm not trying to flame Debian in the least, I'm just pointing out
> > that Gentoo gives you a choice between a few system loggers during
> > installation.
> >
> > Plus, Debian's goals and Gentoo's are completely different anyway, so
> > it's really not going to make sense comparing them anyway.  Debian gives
> > you "a decent balance" as you said.  Gentoo gives you extreme
> > customization from the kernel to the compilation flags for every package
> > installed.
> WHOA!  Hold it right there.  Are you sure you're a Gentoo user?
> I stopped using Gentoo a few years ago because I had been using it for
> a bout a year, and I'm pretty sure if you don't start dissing every
> other distro and anybody who uses anything but Gentoo, they kick you
> out.  JK, but your assessment sounds rational and fair.  Maybe you're
> new to Gentoo ;-).
> Barry Roberts
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