Wireless at UVSC

Adam Fisher FISHERAD at uvsc.edu
Mon Sep 11 11:32:31 MDT 2006

I work at the UVSC IT Department.  You should bring your laptop to the
IT Helpdesk in BA006.  You will need to register your Mac Address.  I
run SLED 10 on my laptop and it works great.  You will not need to
install the Cisco Clean Access Agent on Linux.  However you will need to
login to the network thru your web browser before you can access
anything.  That is the annoyance.  

Since wireless is not funded by the school in anyway.  It is a service
that the IT department provides internally.  We need to charge something
to allow us to upkeep the system.  Most departments will cover the cost
of Wireless for there Faculty.  If you talk to your department secretary
I am sure they will do something.

Let me know if you have any questions,


Adam Fisher
System Administrator
IT Infrastructure
Utah Valley State 
ext. 863-8155
Office: BA006

>>> "Jacob Albretsen" <jakea at xmission.com> 9/11/2006 10:11 AM >>>
UVSC Students (if you're out there),

I teach the weekend astronomy class and I've been thinking of taking my
in do show some things to my class.  I've looked into connecting to the

wireless network there.  (I *love* the fact I have to pay 5 bucks a
even though I work for the place as adjunct faculty).

Anyway, from what I've been able to find out, I have to install some of
software onto my computer.  I assume some of the UVSC students on the
have done this for Linux.  Is there any need to be concerned about this

software?  Is it going to screw up my system from connecting to other 
wireless networks (ie BYU)?  Any other advice?


- Jake

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