Wireless at UVSC

Jacob Albretsen jakea at xmission.com
Mon Sep 11 10:11:16 MDT 2006

UVSC Students (if you're out there),

I teach the weekend astronomy class and I've been thinking of taking my laptop 
in do show some things to my class.  I've looked into connecting to the 
wireless network there.  (I *love* the fact I have to pay 5 bucks a month 
even though I work for the place as adjunct faculty).

Anyway, from what I've been able to find out, I have to install some of their 
software onto my computer.  I assume some of the UVSC students on the list 
have done this for Linux.  Is there any need to be concerned about this 
software?  Is it going to screw up my system from connecting to other 
wireless networks (ie BYU)?  Any other advice?


- Jake

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