Laying down the glove to the ricers

Alex Esplin alex.esplin at
Mon Sep 11 10:03:03 MDT 2006

On 9/11/06, Steve Dibb <steve at> wrote:
> Hans Fugal wrote:
> > Well that's not an enhanced startup system, but just a minimalist
> > install. Any distro will let you enable or disable daemons.
> I gotta say -- this is one of my favorite things about Gentoo -- how it
> it takes a minimalistic approach *by default*.  You don't have to
> disable anything because nothing is turned on.  You don't even get a
> system logger unless you install it yourself and add it to the startup
> levels.

That's what I meant as well.  Gentoo gives you an extremely minimal
number of running daemons by default and you turn on whatever else you
want/need by using

$rc-update add (or del to remove) <daemon_to_add> <runlevel_to_add_to>

Hans, Thanks for your suggestion about pstree.  That's one more thing
that I can stick in my list of "keepers" from this list.

Basically what it boils down to for me is that up until now I had
never heard of pstree and I had heard of and used Gentoo's rc-update
(which to me seems a really intuitive way to add/remove
processes/daemons to the boot process).  Now I have something else to
learn and tinker with, which to me is one of the greatest benefits of
any Linux distro.

Alex Esplin

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