Laying down the glove to the ricers

Steve Dibb steve at
Mon Sep 11 09:45:40 MDT 2006

Steve Dibb wrote:
> I gotta say -- this is one of my favorite things about Gentoo -- how 
> it it takes a minimalistic approach *by default*.  You don't have to 
> disable anything because nothing is turned on.  You don't even get a 
> system logger unless you install it yourself and add it to the startup 
> levels.
Actually, the more I think about it, it's not as minimalistic as I would 
like.  There are some default USE flags I (personally) always turn off 
right when doing a new install.  python, perl, X, gtk, gdbm, berkdb, 
ipv6 are some, although I think the X ones are off by default with 
2006.1.  Don't quote me on that though.



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