Laying down the glove to the ricers

Steve Dibb steve at
Mon Sep 11 09:38:15 MDT 2006

Hans Fugal wrote:
>>> The alternative then is that you believe gentoo
>>> has more streamlined startup scripts. Maybe gentoo does the parallel
>>> startup stuff and gets you a prompt before all your daemons are started.
>> That's the main thing I was inferring to.  By default Gentoo starts
>> only those daemons that are _absolutely_ necessary for the kernel to
>> run when it boots.  You then tell Gentoo which additional daemons you
>> want it to start at boot time (or any other runlevel you want).
> Well that's not an enhanced startup system, but just a minimalist
> install. Any distro will let you enable or disable daemons.

I gotta say -- this is one of my favorite things about Gentoo -- how it 
it takes a minimalistic approach *by default*.  You don't have to 
disable anything because nothing is turned on.  You don't even get a 
system logger unless you install it yourself and add it to the startup 


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