Best Minimalist OS for VMPlayer?

Thom Metge uug_emetge at
Sun Sep 10 21:01:12 MDT 2006

Gentoo is pretty quick, and you have much, much more control- which can 
be a curse and a blessing.  If you want something super easy to install, 
minimalist by nature, and fairly complete as a development platform, I'd 
recommend Zenwalk- it's quite well done, and its goals seem to match your's.

I would avoid SUSE- YAST is a little... bloated?  Fedora is definitely 
not the best choice... they take the Dell approach to installation- 
install everything by default and make changing that default 
configuration as tough as possible :)  Ubuntu is a great destkop... but 
if you install off of their live CD, you should know before hand that it 
does NOT include GCC... a slight oversight??

If you want something very stable, Debian is worth a look.  But my 
recommendation (for what it's worth) goes to Zenwalk...


Alex Esplin wrote:
> On 9/10/06, Shane Hathaway <shane at> wrote:
>> Well, other distributions also use -O2 by default.  Although I prefer
>> Gentoo, I think it's sometimes actually a little slower than SUSE.
> I've found Gentoo to be faster than Ubuntu and FC5, especially when it
> comes to boot-up time, but have no frame of reference since it's been
> a while since I used SUSE (I switched to Ubuntu when 9.2 was brand
> spanking new).

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