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Sat Sep 9 23:34:25 MDT 2006

Grant Robinson wrote:

> On Sep 9, 2006, at 9:27 PM, Daniel C. wrote:
>> If I asked "How can I become a civil engineer" you wouldn't answer
>> with "A civil engineer designs bridges and buildings for non-military
>> use".  You'd say "First you get a degree in civil engineering from an
>> ABET-accredited institution.  Then you take the Fundamentals of
>> Engineering exam.  Assuming you pass the exam, you then work for a few
>> years under a licensed civil engineer.  For further questions you can
>> contact the American Society of Civil Engineers."
> And yet with all these qualifications, civil engineers still can't  
> patch a road without leaving a very noticeable and annoying bump or  
> dip.  :)  Looks like processes and qualifications aren't all they are  
> cracked up to be. :)

Doh! in a city that would governed by "city engineering" departments, 
aka road maintenance.  The resulting bump or dip the result of a process 
that is an art more than science; as you have to overfill the hole or it 
will still be a slight dip.  As you can see, no one appreciates nor 
refines the fine art of filling pot holes in roads anymore :(

Mister Ed

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