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Mister E Mister.Ed at
Sat Sep 9 21:56:30 MDT 2006

Daniel C. wrote:

> If I asked "How can I become a civil engineer" you wouldn't answer
> with "A civil engineer designs bridges and buildings for non-military
> use".  You'd say "First you get a degree in civil engineering from an
> ABET-accredited institution.  Then you take the Fundamentals of
> Engineering exam.  Assuming you pass the exam, you then work for a few
> years under a licensed civil engineer.  For further questions you can
> contact the American Society of Civil Engineers."
> My question is not what you think a software engineer does or knows,
> but whether anyone can point to an established process for becoming a
> software engineer similar to the one I listed for becoming a civil
> engineer.

So... yer just posting this thread because you don't know the anwser 
already?  Well here it is silly billy gum drop:

First get your degree in Computer Science - Software Engineering.  Then 
claim you are one on the PLUG list. Then if Stuart, Josh, Jonathan, 
myself and 10 random PLUG members all can agree without a flame war that 
you are one, then you can hang our signed approval letter (the sequence 
of PLUG postings) on your wall.  No need to work under another Engineer 
as long as you send $79.95 to our fast paced "SE in a Box" DVD based 
learning course.

Seriously though ... I think you might be a little too into this concept 
or definition.  Civil Engineering is an established disipline that had 
time (centuries) to evolve and be regulated to such a degree as you have 
established previously.  Much of this "regulation" came from the 
profession itself, while other portions came from outrage at buildings 
and bridges collapsing that resulted in human injury.  Being that 
Software Engineering is relatively new, compared to even Electrical 
Engineering (which I studied), it does not have such a process in place 
due to it's "infant" stage as an Engineering discipline.  But give it 
time.  Miscrosoft and other companies are proving the point that such a 
process might be needed as their products prove to be vulnerable and 
harmful when compromised.  I can see several movements that might want 
to govern such a process, but none, as far as I know at this time, have 
emerged beyond an obscure idear.  So... in the end, it is the opinions 
of others that define what a Software Engineer really is and who really 
is one; even if they are misguided.

Mister Ed

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