perhaps a little too much honesty (was: RE: Job Posting(.04KReward!) Jr. Linux Admin + Windows Support)

Josh Coates jcoates at
Sat Sep 9 16:57:40 MDT 2006

> Hmm, seems like I could say something very similar.

look, i didn't get personal and i didn't drop innuendoes about former
employees -- i just posted a job.

i'm taking this offlist.

cheers all,


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> On Sat, 2006-09-09 at 13:09 -0600, Josh Coates wrote:
> > stuart - this seems awfully inappropriate of you to bring up in a 
> > public forum.  but since you have, i feel obligated to set 
> the record 
> > straight - we've had two employees that 'left quickly' because they 
> > were asked to leave.  however, both of them are good people 
> that i wish well.
> I don't feel that what I said should be taken as offensive. 
> Perhaps I should have spelled it out for you more clearly. 
> People we know have worked for you. They don't anymore. They 
> haven't said anything bad about BDS/Mozy, but their short 
> term with your company does leave the rest of us wondering 
> what happened. 
> If you don't want a complete and honest attempt to help you 
> wonder why Plug isn't supplying references, don't bring it up 
> on a public discussion list.
> Rather than taking offense, If I were you I would have 
> pointed out the number of people who love working with you and why.
> Frankly, insinuating that they only reason anyone would leave 
> is that they were "asked to" is more rude in my opinion. A 
> simple "their interests and our needs didn't intersect well" 
> would have been better.
> I'm pretty sure at least one "chose to leave" rather than 
> being "asked to leave".
> > > When you first arrived in the area, you earned a lot of 
> respect and 
> > > good will. Since then, I think you've lost some of it. I have no 
> > > idea what you can do about this.
> > 
> > thank you for your concern about my personal reputation, 
> but i'm not 
> > sure where you come off making these sorts of assessments, 
> and again, 
> > i don't why you think it's okay to post things like this in 
> response to a job posting.
> Because you have tried to make yourself part of the community 
> instead of being another nameless, faceless employer. Again, 
> if you don't want to discuss it, don't bring it up. Instead 
> of taking offense, you could have taken it as a sign of 
> respect that I was willing to be honest and open.
> I appreciate what you've tried to do for the Utah tech 
> community. I want BDS/Mozy to succeed. However, if you want 
> to feel like you're being pushed out of the community, be my guest.
> > i've always tried to helpful and honest - but, yes, this 
> often results 
> > in me offending people, and this will likely continue.  i apologize 
> > when it's appropriate, and don't when it's not.
> Hmm, seems like I could say something very similar.
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