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Nice quoting... Kudos there. Bad trimming. *smacks wrists*

Josh Coates wrote:
>> 3) Two of my friends have worked for you. Both left quickly. 
>> Neither has ever bad mouthed you, but their actions speak 
>> loudly. 
> stuart - this seems awfully inappropriate of you to bring up in a public
> forum.  but since you have, i feel obligated to set the record straight -
> we've had two employees that 'left quickly' because they were asked to
> leave.  however, both of them are good people that i wish well.

Eh, we're all friends in this community. I don't think Stuart was too out of
line here and was terribly polite about it all.

> i've always tried to helpful and honest - but, yes, this often results in me
> offending people, and this will likely continue.  i apologize when it's
> appropriate, and don't when it's not.

How about this: Don't worry so much about it. :)

Truth be told, we need (a lot) more qualified people in the market right now.
Iodynamics is going to be looking to fill some more technical positions soon
and just about everyone I've talked to (casually) who would be qualified
already has a job they love making as much or more than we can pay.

We just filled a sales position and that took 4-5 months to find the right

Seems it would be good if the UGs were able to recruit some more would-be
evangelists and help them get up to snuff.

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