perhaps a little too much honesty (was: RE: Job Posting (.04K Reward!) Jr. Linux Admin + Windows Support)

Grant Shipley gshipley at
Sat Sep 9 13:57:32 MDT 2006

On 9/9/06, Stuart Jansen <sjansen at> wrote:
> 2) Many of us are comfortable where we are. A few years ago that wasn't
> necessarily true, but the rising tide has lifted many boats. To switch
> jobs, I would need to know that
>   a) I will spend less that 3 hours per week using a Windows
>      box. Yes, I'm that proud and stubborn. I can afford to be.
>      I suspect many others can too. If you want Windows people,
>      this ain't the place.
I spend 0 time using windows at work (Red Hat).  I also don't have
windows installed on any of my machines.

>   b) I need to know that the management rocks. When it comes to
>      technical decisions, management has to either get out of
>      the way or be clueful enough to convince me they're right.
>      The second is better. I want to know that management will
>      protect me from pointless stuff so that I can do what I
>      enjoy: using computers to create stuff and solve problems.

Red Hat has the best management of any of the places I have worked.
Upper management FIRMLY believes in the company mission
(Democratization of content).  Fedora will not even ship binary
drivers for nvidia cards or the mp3 codec!

>   c) I will have friends at work. If you identify and attract
>      the community's alpha-geeks, others will follow. If I
>      don't already know someone in the company, demonstrate
>      that I will fit in with the people there. I don't mean
>      talking the talk (your initial post did that well), I mean
>      walking the walk. For instance, I know you have at least
>      one employee that is active in the local Python community.
>      (Or used to be. I don't like Python enough to keep close
>      tabs on that particular community.)
Red Hat has the most friendly people I have ever worked with.

>   d) The pay has to be good. I doubt this will be a problem for
>      you. In the past Utah employers had a reputation for being
>      stingy. In the last year, competition for good employees
>      has significantly increased. I suspect most people with
>      skills have already moved to better paying positions. In
>      other words, pay is important but it's not most important.
Check.  Pay is great. :)

Seriously folks, Red Hat is a great place to work.  You get to work
with some of the most passionate and brilliant people in the world.
We all work extremely hard and believe in what the company is trying
to accomplish.

We can be to the beach in an hour 1/2, DC in 4, Florida in 8, Smoky
Mountains in 3, Carolina Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup,  etc etc.

We have many positions open and I would love to see more people from
PLUG out here in Raleigh, NC.  RTP (Research Triangle Park) is close
by as well (same city).  To search our current openings, point firefox

We currently have 237 open positions at Red Hat and another 30 or so
in the JBoss division.


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