Job Posting (.04K Reward!) Jr. Linux Admin + Windows Support

Joe Crown joecr at
Sat Sep 9 09:29:53 MDT 2006

I'm not into developing software other then scripts.  I do hardware & 
software troubleshooting.  I also install OS's & software, for Windows I 
use an unattended install that installs the OS along with all my 
application.  I do some HTML mostly so my scripts can work.

Just remember not everybody is a software engineer.  I'm not & at the 
moment I don't want to become one either.

Josh Coates wrote:
>> My only problem with the last job you posted is I'm not a C 
>> programmer nor do I want to become one at this point.
> ooh - this sounds like an invitation to go off about what a shame it is that
> software engineers aren't being taught or learning system languages like C.
> ;-)
> does this freak anyone else out, or is it just me?
> i mean, java, perl, python etc are fine languages and i'm sure C# is great
> and all - but holy crap, if you aren't proficient in C, it just seems to me
> that you are 'half' and engineer, and will never reach your full potential
> as a career software developer.
> sigh.
> -josh


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