Job Posting (.04K Reward!) Jr. Linux Admin + Windows Support

Mister E Mister.Ed at
Fri Sep 8 17:46:36 MDT 2006

Josh Coates wrote:

  > we've had a surpringly low turnout of resumes for these positions. 
> i'm in a whole lot kill files, or we've already hit recruiting saturation on
> the plug list, and friends of those on the plug list..  ;-)

// to Josh, my PLUG friend
yer not on my kill list. Even if I had one, you'd be safe ;-)

I'd send ya my resume, but my resume has recent/past titles like CEO, 
VP, and National Sales Manager. I would not be a good fit for some 
techie positions I see posted on this list, unless they wanted to train 
me and/or allow me to dust off the other qualifications desired in their 
postings. Computer Science was not even offered as a degree when I went 
to BYU; it was merely an emphasis on EE degrees. Plus I'm not sure you 
can afford me in such positions ... the $99,999.99 entry level help desk 
monkey ;-P   (nor would it be wise to do so)

// just general comments added to this message in an e-bottle
In many instances, I think those companies that find themselves in the 
position of scarce applicants might additionally consider targeting 
folks like myself that might not have every skillset on their wishlist 
but in the end do offer the ability to learn it quickly based on 
knowledge sets aquired on older technologies.  But there does seem to be 
a barrier (of sorts) that prevents some local HR types from hiring folks 
that gained valueable experience and skillsets at some point but did not 
formalize the qualifications.

// back to the original post
Personally, this listing was okay for the most part, but the aspect of 
being called a jr linux admin after meeting the requirements for a 
degree and some experience would then be hard to wrap my head around ... 
just repeat this to yerself to see how it fits and you get my point: 
"Wahoo! I just got the jr linux admin position! I'm going to 
Disneyland!".  Makes me wonder if that line (for education) in the 
original posting is a true (tempted to type truely) req or just a wish.

Mister Ed

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