Job Posting (.04K Reward!) Jr. Linux Admin + Windows Support

Daniel C. dcrookston at
Fri Sep 8 16:56:50 MDT 2006

I hope you're joking.  He spelled both rogue and dual correctly.

The only misspelling pet peeve of mine that's larger than the
dual/duel one is putting an "e" in the word "truly".

On 9/8/06, Roberto Mello <rmello at> wrote:
> On Fri, Sep 08, 2006 at 04:01:49PM -0600, Ryan Byrd wrote:
> > Well, for starters it will get you a low level epic item. For example, with
> > 300g, your level 40 rogue could dual wield Gut Rippers (
>                                   ^^^^
> I think you meant "duel", not "dual" :-)
> -Roberto

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