It's no utopia [was: Help Me Leave Qwest]

Justin Findlay justin at
Fri Sep 8 16:16:35 MDT 2006

On AD 2006 September 08 Friday 11:26:14 AM -0600, Steve Meyers wrote:
> We use iProvo at my office (with Mstar), and have had only one unplanned
> outage about 6 months ago.  I know many other people on iProvo or Utopia
> who have had similar experiences.  Yours is the first negative
> experience I've heard.  I suspect that you are (unfortunately) just
> connected to some faulty equipment or something.  Hopefully they fix
> whatever is causing problems on your connection.

I have iProvo+Veracity at my apartment and have had two unexplaind 12
hour outages from about 11:30 pm to 11:30 am, one two days ago and
another the week before and indeed they occur ath the most inopportune


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