Weird keys problem in FC5

Barry Roberts blr at
Fri Sep 8 14:50:56 MDT 2006

This has been annoying me since I started using FC5, and just this
week, I finally figured out why it works sometimes and not others.

I use emacs' chords like end-of-buffer a lot.  Normally that's bound
to Meta+> (Alt+>, i.e.  Alt+Shift+.).  Sometimes it works, sometimes
it's just like typing a ">" character. A few days ago I finally
figured out that what makes the difference is the order I chord the
Alt and Shift.  If I Shift first, then Alt, I get a ">" character.  If
I Alt first, then Shift, it works as expected.

This is the same for several Alt+Shift chords I've tried and it does
in a GNOME desktop and fluxbox.  It happens on emacs (or other
programs) running locally, remote X via ssh, and in an ssh term.
Anything displaying on the X server on my machine.  From a text
console the order doesn't matter.

I have no clue what X configuration could cause this.  Anyone?

Barry Roberts

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