It's no utopia [was: Help Me Leave Qwest] at at
Fri Sep 8 11:00:47 MDT 2006

On Fri, 8 Sep 2006, Steve Meyers wrote:
> I track my network uptime, and I only had 3 days with less than 99.9% of my
> pings go through in August.  The vast majority of days had either 0 or 1 ping
> fail all day.

I track uptime, too, and my uptime has averaged 99.2% over the past three 
months.  That figure represents 67 separate outages totaling more than 
sixteen hours of downtime over a three month period.  That might not be so 
bad if I could predict the outages and work around them, but they always 
seem to come (of course) at the most inopportune moments. :-)

I suppose many folks would be delighted with 99.2% uptime; perhaps I was 
spoiled by Speakeasy, who never seemed to have unplanned outages--and even 
their rare planned outages usually lasted less than five minutes.  If 
you're accustomed to "only" 99% uptime, my experience with UTOPIA would 
prove to be entirely satisfactory to you.  But when you've experienced 
something orders of magnitude better, outages which sum up to "99.2%" are 
just frustrating and disappointing.


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