need help on my mail server

Gary Thornock gthornock at
Fri Sep 8 08:20:19 MDT 2006

--- "John Paul Tomas [Yahoo!]" <krypton1331 at> wrote:
> im using fedore core 5. postfix / smtp.
> Problems:
> 1. Cant seem to receive any mails, but i can send. 

Things to check:
- Can you send mail from the server to itself?
- Is port 25 open on your firewall?
- What's the mydestination setting in Postfix?  (see below)
- Do you have mail if you check on the server using mailx or elm?
- Do you have an IMAP or a POP server set up?  (see below)

> 2. nslookup / dig mx seems ok.
> 3. when sending emails the account need an entire domain name
>    like account at not the usual account at

This sounds like a problem with the MX record in your DNS.  It
could, however, also be a Postfix configuration problem.  Look in for:

  myhostname = (probably
  mydomain =
  myorigin = $mydomain (if it's $myhostname, that may be the problem)
  mydestination = $mydomain (and probably some other things too)

> 4. workstations cannot connect to the server using their gui

You haven't mentioned that you're running an IMAP or a POP
server.  Postfix by itself doesn't provide the ability to connect
a GUI mail client.  All it gives you is an mbox file (or possibly
maildir, depending on how you've set it up).  That's enough if
you're only going to read mail on the server, with e.g. mailx or
elm, but if you want to read mail on another machine, you also
need IMAP or POP.  Look at Dovecot, or possibly Courier or Cyrus.

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