It's no utopia [was: Help Me Leave Qwest]

Steve Meyers steve-plug at
Fri Sep 8 00:33:49 MDT 2006 at wrote:
> Yes, UTOPIA is fast, but it's down FAR too often.  In this past month 
> alone I've had more downtime on my UTOPIA/Xmission circuit than I had 
> cumulatively over years as a Speakeasy DSL customer.

I'm on Utopia with Xmission, and it's been great.  The whole Utopia 
network was down once in February (I think), but other than that I've 
had a great connection.  I use it for my VOIP with no problems whatsoever.

I track my network uptime, and I only had 3 days with less than 99.9% of 
my pings go through in August.  The vast majority of days had either 0 
or 1 ping fail all day.  Two of the three sub-par days were because of 
scheduled downtime late at night.  The other was because my router 
stopped working and I had to reboot it.

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