It's no utopia [was: Help Me Leave Qwest]

Stephen Shaw sshaw at
Thu Sep 7 20:07:46 MDT 2006

Andrew Jorgensen wrote:
> On 9/7/06, at < at> wrote:
>> Yes, UTOPIA is fast, but it's down FAR too often.  In this past month
>> alone I've had more downtime on my UTOPIA/Xmission circuit than I had
>> cumulatively over years as a Speakeasy DSL customer.
> Just out of curiosity:  Have you bothered to complain to the provider?
> This sounds unusually bad and there's probably some fixable problem.
> Perhaps the guy who "crimped" your fiber was a newbie at it (you said
> you hopped on pretty early).  Or it could even be some piece of your
> own hardware that's gone flakey.
> This sounded too much like "GNOME sucks!  It tried to do XYZ and it
> crashed - I'll never use it again!"  Usually it's best to file a bug
> report.  Same goes for any service.  They want it to be reliable for
> you as much as you do.
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I've been on UTOPIA for a year now, and have pushed huge amounts of data 
through it (100's of gig until they started tracking it. :( ) with no 
outages, except for when stupid comcast cut my fiber (with scissors).  I 
have yet to see some of the problems that everyone is complaining about.


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