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Bradley Dorner bddorner at
Thu Sep 7 15:45:44 MDT 2006

Please, don't recommend Vonage to anyone. I was with
them for about a year and a half and they were little
more then a problem the whole time. They will also
lock you into THEIR hardware. And if that hardware
conflicts with your hardware, like it did with mine,
you are left out in the dark holding the bill. Their
voice quality was also less then stellar. 

After the hardware conflicts that I had with their
hardware I had to forward to my ArrivalTel number. It
then took Vonage a month to tell me that what they
said I could do was really not possible. I had called
them to make sure that the changes to my network would
still work with their hardware. They first told me
that it would, then after all of the changes were
made, they told me it would not work. BTW, they also
billed me for all of the time it took for them to tell
me that it wouldn't work, a full 2 months of service
of which I had not phone service with them because of
hardware conflicts.

Go with ArrivalTel. They are cheaper, hardware
freindly, better voice quality, and much better for
customer service. 


--- Doug Thompson <norsk5 at> wrote:

> --- Matthew Walker <rorith at> wrote:
> > 
> > Been considering voip. I need to sit down and
> figure out how much (if
> > any)
> > I would save by switching to a naked DSL circuit,
> and getting Voip.
> Last year I quit Qwest for phone service entirely. 
> But I do use them for DSL with Xmission has my ISP.
> I use Vonage with the 400 min/month for $17.99,
> including taxes
> Qwest runs me $43/month (this month they finally
> dropped the Fed Phone
> tax - so I was paying $47.xx), Xmission runs $19/mon
> so my total is: $18 + $43 + $19 = $80/month
> DSL tests (netpipe) out at 7Mbit down/950Kbit up
> running between my
> linux box and the xmission linux box (which is a 600
> Mhz PIII).
> Local and long distance, and I am well below 400
> mins/month
> I live in Heber City, 4 blocks from the CO
> doug t
> > 
> > My main complaint with Qwest is the service,
> although the cost isn't
> > great
> > either.
> > 
> > Again. Thanks for the input. I'm being cautious
> about the switch,
> > because
> > I do run a small server with a couple hosted
> customers from home, and
> > I
> > want to make sure I don't burn them.
> > 
> > Matthew
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