Help Me Leave Qwest

Doug Thompson norsk5 at
Thu Sep 7 13:27:13 MDT 2006

--- Matthew Walker <rorith at> wrote:

> Been considering voip. I need to sit down and figure out how much (if
> any)
> I would save by switching to a naked DSL circuit, and getting Voip.

Last year I quit Qwest for phone service entirely. 

But I do use them for DSL with Xmission has my ISP.

I use Vonage with the 400 min/month for $17.99, including taxes
Qwest runs me $43/month (this month they finally dropped the Fed Phone
tax - so I was paying $47.xx), Xmission runs $19/mon

so my total is: $18 + $43 + $19 = $80/month

DSL tests (netpipe) out at 7Mbit down/950Kbit up running between my
linux box and the xmission linux box (which is a 600 Mhz PIII).

Local and long distance, and I am well below 400 mins/month

I live in Heber City, 4 blocks from the CO

doug t

> My main complaint with Qwest is the service, although the cost isn't
> great
> either.
> Again. Thanks for the input. I'm being cautious about the switch,
> because
> I do run a small server with a couple hosted customers from home, and
> I
> want to make sure I don't burn them.
> Matthew

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