Storing home directories on NFS server

Lee Higginson leeard at
Thu Sep 7 13:01:35 MDT 2006


I'm working on setting up an NFS server to store home directories for
linux/unix users in one central location.  I've never done this before so
I'm hoping someone may be able to give some insight on doing this
correctly.  The plan is to set up the NFS server and exporting a directory,
say /nfshome, then on each linux/unix machine I'll mount nfsserver:/nfshome
to the home directory using the fstab file.  Here is the main concern that I
haven't been able to resolve via google:

What complications may arise (if any) by storing all home directory
information (for example .bash_profile etc) in one location and mounting
that to the home directories from machines on different platforms?
Platforms that will be mounting the  nfsserver:/nfshome to their /home
directories are Redhat Linux, Solaris, HPUX, and IBM-AIX

Any ideas/comments/insults?

Thanks as always!!


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