Help Me Leave Qwest

Matthew Walker rorith at
Thu Sep 7 12:55:35 MDT 2006

> Matthew Walker wrote:
> You didnt mention what city you were in!  You need to call that guy that
> did Airswitch. There is a secret (small) stretch of road in Springville
> that has 10mbit Airswitch. A year or so ago I heard he was still running
> a few small pieces of the network. Dont want to get him in trouble so
> this might be totally false. I think its the guy that runs this website

Hmmmm. Interesting. I'll have to look into that.

> Forgot to mention the obvious.  If you are using DSL, you are probably
> using Qwest copper somewhere in the equation. So somewhere along the way
> Qwest makes at least $14 a month off somebody.  The compettiors (CLECs)
> lease Qwest copper so you dont get a bill from Qwest but they still use
> qwest copper.

Eh. I know. Stupid monopoly.

> Xmission (a Qwest mega central customer) pays large amounts of money to
> Qwest for use of their ATM network.
> If you really want to get away from Qwest your best bet is utopia,
> comcast, or Utahbroadband, airswitch in springville and afcity, or
> iprovo in Provo.
> Also look into voip.  If you get using voip, you can get rid of Qwest
> dial tone.  Dont try to do viop unless you are on the new Motorola
> canopy gear. eg Voip wont work with Digis

Been considering voip. I need to sit down and figure out how much (if any)
I would save by switching to a naked DSL circuit, and getting Voip.

My main complaint with Qwest is the service, although the cost isn't great

Again. Thanks for the input. I'm being cautious about the switch, because
I do run a small server with a couple hosted customers from home, and I
want to make sure I don't burn them.


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