Help Me Leave Qwest

Matthew Walker rorith at
Thu Sep 7 12:41:39 MDT 2006

> Matthew Walker wrote:
>> I'm desperate to find an alternative to Qwest, but I have some
>> requirements that are making it hard.
>> 1. I would prefer to still have the option of using XMission as my ISP.
>> 2. I live in a non-Utopia town, so that's out.
>> 3. Must provide high-speed internet. DSL preferred, but I'm willing to
>> consider alternatives.
>> 4. If number 1 can't be met, I have the following requirements for my
>> ISP:
>>   a. Able to lease blocks of IPs
>>   b. Able to run servers without violating my TOS.
>>   c. Prefer no bandwidth quotas, but as long as they're 20G + per month,
>> I'll cope.
>> Does such a beast exist?
> You might look into SDSL from XO, or Integra telecom (around $200 per
> month?)
> Covad, and Verizion, and Speakeasy might also have some DSL that you are
> looking for.
> A non-DSL alternative is Utah broadband/Airwired.  They rock, use canopy
> gear, and might be able to do most of whats on the list.

Hmmm. Thanks for the suggestions. Impressively, there are actually DSL
competitors to Qwest. First I've heard of it.

Unfortunately, they're all rather pricy, and I'm not sure if I'm willing
to pay that much to rid myself of Qwest. :/

Wonder what it would take to convince Springville to get on the Utopia
install list...

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