Help Me Leave Qwest

David B bavibs at
Thu Sep 7 12:28:02 MDT 2006

Matthew Walker wrote:
> I'm desperate to find an alternative to Qwest, but I have some
> requirements that are making it hard.
> 1. I would prefer to still have the option of using XMission as my ISP.
> 2. I live in a non-Utopia town, so that's out.
> 3. Must provide high-speed internet. DSL preferred, but I'm willing to
> consider alternatives.
> 4. If number 1 can't be met, I have the following requirements for my ISP:
>   a. Able to lease blocks of IPs
>   b. Able to run servers without violating my TOS.
>   c. Prefer no bandwidth quotas, but as long as they're 20G + per month,
> I'll cope.
> Does such a beast exist?
You might look into SDSL from XO, or Integra telecom (around $200 per 

Covad, and Verizion, and Speakeasy might also have some DSL that you are 
looking for.

A non-DSL alternative is Utah broadband/Airwired.  They rock, use canopy 
gear, and might be able to do most of whats on the list.

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