WestHost job posting

Brian Beardall brian at rapsure.net
Wed Sep 6 22:18:45 MDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 21:41 -0600, Brian Beardall wrote:
> WestHost Inc. is hiring for a technical support representative. This
> would include answering phones, and other forms of technical support.
> You can go to http://www.westhost.com/ to learn more about the company.
> The desired skills are linux command line experience, and phone
> experience. The desired candidate would work from 25 - 35 hours per weak, and
> preferably in the morning from 9:00 AM to the afternoon. To apply for
> the job, send a resume describing your mad skillz to
> bchambers at westhost.com The company is located in Providence, Utah.
> Providence borders Logan on the south of town.
> I currently work at WestHost as tech support. The starting pay is $8 an
> hour, and is increased after three months to $9 an hour. We spend a lot
> of time on the Linux command line resolving issues clients are having
> with their accounts.
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