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Brian Beardall brian at rapsure.net
Wed Sep 6 21:30:59 MDT 2006

On Wed, 2006-09-06 at 18:33 -0600, Brian Beardall wrote:
> UVSC has a job opening for someone who knows Linux well. If you think
> you are l33t with Linux, but haven't gotten a job working with Linux,
> then this might be the position to try out. The job isn't posted on the
> UVSC human resource pages, because the supervisor hiring wants to know
> the person before posting the job. This is to make sure that the applicant
> has the skills required to do the Job. The supervisor is Gordon Morrell,
> and his office is in the Computer Science, and Engineering building, on
> the fifth floor next to the Computer Science offices. You don't have to
> have previous work experience to get this job, but you do have to be
> able to demonstrate that you have skillz. Your official job title would
> be "Desktop Support," but don't let that scare you away. Your main
> duties would be general Linux support. Having experience with Gentoo
> will only help you. Even though you won't be installing Gentoo on the
> other systems often; it will still be beneficial to know Gentoo. The
> install of Linux distro's will vary. Currently the distros installed are
> Gentoo, Redhat, and Suse, and Mandrake. This means that there must be
> some understanding of how Linux is held together. I just left there
> because I moved to Logan.
> Just to remind you, you need to get to know the supervisor. There would
> be a preference for the candidate to know electronics as well. This
> means that you should know how a transistor works, and how to use it, could get you
> the job.
His email is morrelgo at uvsc.edu The process is completely legal. The job
will be posted for all to apply with HR at UVSC. There will be a hiring
process that will occur, and one of those is that there will be
interviews. No laws will be broken. There is a high preference that he
knows the applicant before the interview process. UVSC is an equal
opportunity employer, and hence all laws regarding hiring must be

Daniel understands what is happening. The process is perfectly legal
because I did it. The position that is being replaced is mine. There is
a lot of Windows support that also is part of the job, but you'd be the
Linux specialist.

Know the person hiring before a job is posted is done quite often. The
applicant is often chosen long before the job posting, but laws must be
followed. :)

Brian Beardall

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