Employment opportunity working with Linux

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I work for UVSC as a LAN Manager in the Library and this doesn't seem very 

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>Subject: Employment opportunity working with Linux
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>UVSC has a job opening for someone who knows Linux well. If you think
>you are l33t with Linux, but haven't gotten a job working with Linux,
>then this might be the position to try out. The job isn't posted on the
>UVSC human resource pages, because the supervisor hiring wants to know
>the person before posting the job. This is make sure that the applicant
>has the skills required to do the Job. The supervisor is Gordon Morrell,
>and his office is in the Computer Science, and Engineering building, on
>the fifth floor next to the Computer Science offices. You don't have to
>have previous work experience to get this job, but you do have to be
>able to demonstrate that you have skillz. Your official job title would
>be "Desktop Support," but don't let that scare you away. Your main
>duties would be general Linux support. Having experience with Gentoo
>will only help you. Even though you won't be installing Gentoo on the
>other systems often; it will still be beneficial to know Gentoo. The
>install of Linux distro's will vary. Currently the distros installed are
>Gentoo, Redhat, and Suse, and Mandrake. This means that there must be
>some understanding of how Linux is held together. I just left there
>because I moved to Logan.
>Just to remind you, you need to get to know the supervisor. There would
>be a preference for the candidate to know electronics as well. This
>means that know how a transistor works, and how to use it, could get you
>the job.
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