for those of us that like books. . .

Justin Gedge gedgezilla at
Wed Sep 6 17:43:46 MDT 2006


I'm now in TX- but still check in on the plug once in a while.

A few days ago- I learned about another bookstore.

Not the best name- but decent prices- also- the store/warehouse was
physically moved to Richardson,TX a few years back.  For me- it's right off
75 on the way home.  It was like walking into computer literacy in Silicon
Valley- very cool.  In my case- it's nice because if I walk into the store-
I get the online prices, get to look at the books- and no shipping- TX sales
tax might cost as much as shipping though.

check it out- it's another online book resource that specializes in the
technical/computer/engineering books.

Justin Gedge

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