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Steve smorrey at
Wed Sep 6 13:34:26 MDT 2006

Where were you last week? LOL I just bought less than a week ago.

On 9/6/06, Alex Esplin <alex.esplin at> wrote:
> Hey all, I'm selling my laptop.  It's a HP Pavilion zt3300 15.4"
> widescreen (1280x800) with 1.5 Ghz Centrino, Intel/ProWireless 2200,
> 30Gb hd, and 1Gb RAM.  For anyone interested, I also have a spare
> screen for this laptop (from my brother-in-law's almost identical
> computer) with higher resolution and a spare 60Gb hd (also from my
> brother-in-law's computer).  I've run several distributions of Linux
> (Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, and Gentoo) and the only problems I've had is
> sound and a weird buffer I/O error in Gentoo and wireless in Fedora
> Core 2 (a long time ago).  I also have all of the original Windows
> media and drivers.  I'm asking $400 or a reasonable offer.  Contact me
> off-list if anyone is interested.
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> Alex Esplin
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