Which Distro?

Scott Paul Robertson spr at mahonri5.net
Tue Sep 5 13:01:44 MDT 2006

On Sun, Sep 03, 2006 at 11:51:44PM -0600, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 22:20 -0600, Steve wrote:
> > In otherwords...
> > Gentoo iz teh r0xx0rz!
> Alas gentoo is a pretty poor choice for a linode account.  There's not a
> lot of disk, memory and CPU available.  
> I also think most folks wouldn't run gentoo on servers either (it would
> violate several security doctrines unless you did only binary packages).
> I also suffered greatly with Debian on linode (cursed stable vs
> unstable).  Finally going to Fedora and then to RHEL. The linode box is
> really intended to be a server, not a desktop development machine.

I'm running debian on my linode. First thing I did was upgrade to
testing, and now I have a few unstable packages on the system without
any problems.

The stable vs unstable gap is rather large, but testing vs unstable is
much smaller at the momemnt.


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