Which Distro?

Lonnie Olson fungus at aros.net
Tue Sep 5 12:41:37 MDT 2006

Warning:  the following message represents the opinion of the author.
And everyone knows opinions are like a$$h*les, everyone has one, and
most of them stink.  :)

Daniel C. wrote:
> In general, I like a small, clean distro that's got no bells or
> whistles, unless I add them myself.  At first I thought that's what
> Debian would be, and it was, until I got into this whole Lisp mess.
> Does anyone have any recommendations?

I just have to point this out an laugh before I make my suggestion.

No one has yet mentioned any RPM based distro.  LOL

Of course all of the RPM based distros fail his request "I like a small,
clean distro that's got no bells or whistles, unless I add them myself."
I think there are quite a few FC and/or Suse fans on this list.  You
notice how quiet they are in this thread.  :)  Even they admit that they
are not small or clean.

Ok, back to my suggestions.
1. Stay away from piggy RPM distros, unless you want piggies.
2. Gentoo can work on a server.
3. Gentoo does have unstable ebuilds just like debian.
4. Gentoo takes a lot of work to get started, but can be worth it.
5. When Debian says it is stable, they aren't kidding.  :)
6. Life is boring when everything is stable. Especially debian stable.
7. The Debian way has proven itself worthy.
8. Ubuntu does have a Server install.  Small and clean.
9. Ubuntu = Debian testing/unstable + good tweaks

In summary,  Gentoo, Debian, Ubuntu are all great choices.  Choose the
one that you feel most comfortable with.  Try them all if possible.
It's kind of like picking for favorite ice cream.  A very personal
decision, but be open to new flavors, and suggestions, you just might
find a new favorite.


P.S. If you aren't completely stuck to Linux, and are open to the wonder
of new, but similar, ways of thinking.  Try FreeBSD out for size.  Or
any *BSD for that matter.
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