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Michael Torrie torriem at
Sun Sep 3 23:38:56 MDT 2006

On Sun, 2006-09-03 at 22:33 -0700, Hemant Talwelkar wrote:
> I think anything we develope as programmer should be platform independent.
> Linux is good and secure too.
> But there are many people who are using Windows. And I'm going to make it
> available on Web and free.
>     U have any idea?

To my knowledge, SMS requires a service provider.  You'd have to use
their hardware, APIs, and libraries (and whatever platforms they
support).  Google is a great place to start.  

Building a full-blown SMS gateway may be overkill.  If you're planning
to only send SMS messages to a fixed set of people, and if you know what
cell provider they use, most cell providers provide a way to e-mail SMS
messages to the phones.  This is likely simpler than setting up an SMS
gateway which may require special hardware and contract with a cell
phone company.  Of course this is not automatic and is highly specific
to the cell phone provider of the intended recipient

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