Which Distro?

Hans Fugal hans at fugal.net
Sun Sep 3 21:48:51 MDT 2006

On Sun,  3 Sep 2006 at 19:52 -0600, Brian Beardall wrote:
> Gentoo is very flexible, and I like it for it's flexibility, and that is
> why I use it. However if someone just wants something up and running
> with the necessary software I usually recommend Ubuntu. I find Ubuntu
> quite appealing. I bet an Ubuntu install could be stripped down, but the
> user would need to have the skills.

No real point in stripping down Ubuntu. If you want stripped down, just
start with Debian since that's basically what you'd get if you stripped
down Ubuntu.

The real reason he didn't want to use Ubuntu, though, is that Ubuntu
lags behind Debian. I know that goes against all the Debian jokes you
ever heard, but it's true. Ubuntu is at any time up to 6 months behind
Debian unstable (sometimes more, as with the Dapper release delay), and
Ubuntu Universe is just a snapshot of unstable, so you may have buggy
packages for those six months. 

He thought he wanted Debian, but had issues with unstable. He could have
installed Debian stable or testing and just installed the lisp stuff by
hand. As far as the lisp stuff goes, basically the same situation as
Slackware. But for the rest of the world he could take advantage of apt.
This is basically what I do with audio apps. When it comes to audio I
live on the bleeding edge, but everything else I'm happy with Debian

However it sounds like Slackware fits his style, so he's all set.

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