Which Distro?

Justin Findlay justin at jfindlay.us
Sun Sep 3 18:01:46 MDT 2006

On AD 2006 September 03 Sunday 05:35:10 PM -0600, Matthew Walker wrote:
> > In general, I like a small, clean distro that's got no bells or
> > whistles, unless I add them myself.  At first I thought that's what
> > Debian would be, and it was, until I got into this whole Lisp mess.
> > Does anyone have any recommendations?
> You just described Gentoo.

I'll concur that gentoo is very flexible, but is still structured with
stable, testing, and unstable branches for each arch.  However gentoo
seems to be easier to track down difficult bugs mainly because of how
much control you have over what packages are installed (and how they are
installed) on your system.  The transparency and flexibility of the
distro is what keeps me with gentoo despite of sometimes long compile
times although that can be much helped with caching.  It always amazes
me how easy of a distro gentoo is to use despite it's flexibility.


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