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shadoi shadoi at nanovoid.com
Sat Sep 2 20:06:53 MDT 2006

Michael Torrie wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-09-02 at 13:47 -0600, Steve wrote:
>> Why does everyone knock the placebo effect, and assume traditional
>> medicine is SO much better?
> Just to be clear, the placebo effect is, according to my understanding,
> only seen if a person has had the medicine before and felt the effect of
> the medicine.  So, for example, if someone has taken Tylenol in the past
> and it was effective, only then can giving someone a placebo pill (and
> claim that it is tylenol) sometimes produce this response in people.  If
> a person has no idea (consciously or unconsciously) what effect he or
> she is going to feel from a medicine, the placebo effect is never
> witnessed.

That's incorrect.  From wikipedia: "...is the phenomenon that a 
patient's symptoms can be alleviated by an otherwise ineffective 
treatment, since the individual expects or believes that it will work."

It's also a fairly decent band.  It's also so far removed from the topic 
  of this mailing list that I think you're all Nazis.


P.S. I hereby invoke Godwin's law.

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