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If you find that you have a chronic health condition, you may find that
things that work great for one person does't work at all for the next,
leaving them to deal with all kinds of funky side effects. In any case, if
you try something and it works for you why not stick with it and tell your
friends. It may just work for them too.

I have several family members who have seen chiropractors with both great
and abysmal levels of success. In that way, it feels a lot like other types
of medicine. For example, my doctor in treating my diabetes basically said,
"This works most commonly, so we'll do this first. We'll watch it and if it
doesn't do what we want it to, we'll try something else." Why? Because I may
or may not respond to that treatment the same way another patient did. Is
that wrong? No. It's life.

I'm not advocating chiropractors or physicians. I just think that each and
every solution should be considered for its merits.


On 9/1/06, Justin Findlay <justin at jfindlay.us> wrote:
> On AD 2006 September 01 Friday 11:18:30 AM -0600, Shane Hathaway wrote:
> > be considered a tactile form of psychiatry.  Chiropractors clearly make
> > people feel better, regardless of whether the main effect is mental or
> > physical, so you can't argue that they provide no valuable service.
> Not so.  When your bones are out of alignment (particularly and
> critically your spine) the chiropractor helps realign the bones.
> There's nothing placebo, alternative, or mystic about it.
> Justin
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