job opportunities ($4K reward!)

Josh Coates jcoates at
Fri Sep 1 13:24:47 MDT 2006


things are going so well here at berkeley data systems that we're having a
hard time handling the awesomeness, and we need to grow a little bit more.

we're looking to hire at least another win32 VC++ uber-coder guy, and
possibly another linux systems guy.  oh - and we're also looking for a mac
coder (objective C) and we could really use an additional killer ruby/web

btw - the "systems" in "systems guy" to us means familiarity with coding
threads, sockets, memory management, etc. in C and/or C++.

if you don't fit that description, then maybe you know someone that does --
we'll pay you $4,000 if you help us find someone that's a good fit and we
make the hire.

if you are wondering what we do here, we:

*build petabyte architectures
*do high performance network / disk IO
*play with bloom filter magic
*pwn the NT kernel (DDK stuff)
*use python and ruby to make awesome magic things that help us run our
massive clustered storage system.

if you've got an interesting resume, then we'll bring you in for a harsh
(but friendly) technical interview.  yes, you will have to write code on the
whiteboard - so if you are better at resume dressing than you are at coding,
it will be a short, awkward interview.  ;-)

we pay well, offer stock options, and we pay 100% full health benefits for
you and yours.

are you the one?  or do you know the one?  please email jobs at



Josh Coates
President, Founder, Berkeley Data Systems, Inc.
jcoates at 

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