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Shane Hathaway shane at hathawaymix.org
Fri Sep 1 11:18:30 MDT 2006

Bradley Dorner wrote:
> Placebo, If the Md's with their science come back to
> me and ask how this happened. You weren't suppose to
> get better. Then I say hurray! If this happened once
> then I say possibly. If it happened twice then I say
> interesting. If this has been happening for 30 years,
> which in my case it has. Then throw the word placebo
> out the window.

I agree.  IMHO the idea that alternative medicine is nothing but a 
placebo is foolish.  Even if the effect of alternative medicine is 
purely mental, and the practitioners are doing nothing but encouraging 
the patients to get better on their own, then alternative medicine could 
be considered a tactile form of psychiatry.  Chiropractors clearly make 
people feel better, regardless of whether the main effect is mental or 
physical, so you can't argue that they provide no valuable service.

You can, however, debate whether medical insurance should cover regular 
chiropractic services.  I'd be interested in that.  Not here though. ;-)


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